3 – Artificial Intelligence

This one took some kicking around. I’m struggling to allow myself to vary up the rhythm and stretch the pentameter. Tried a different rhyme scheme in the last sestet. I feel like it’s a little disjointed, the CDECDE scheme? But I might just be overreacting because it’s different. Always hard to see clearly right after I’ve finished something. I’d love to know what you think.

Three identical shirts… but one is best.
Certain that an unseen eye will check me,
Have to make sure I do this correctly,
But if I’m perfect… whom have I impressed?

I must not flinch when they hurt me in jest,
Must not make eye contact so directly,
Try to see that not all ‘no’s reject me.
I wonder if I’d pass a Turing test.

Prick me and I bleed, but I may not cry.
Tickle me – no, that’ll make me cry too.
I’ve never found a place where I belong.
Know the right answers, but I don’t know why,
Gets harder to speak the more I try to…
Pretty sure this machine’s wired all wrong.

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