11 – Axiomatic

I’m struggling with variant rhyme schemes for the last sestet. Keep trying new things to figure out what kind of rhythm or feeling each one is best suited to conveying, and I feel like mostly I’m just limping along. This one is CDECDE, and it’s the ones with E, with three rhymes in the last sestet, that I’m having trouble with. I’m not sure how that’s supposed to sound, but it’s not quite how I’m doing it.

“Mercy,” January 2007

At any rate, this one is something grim from the perspective of a prototype like Bluebird. Most of them aren’t very happy. Their Queen (a higher-order AI) gave them the capacity for suffering, so that they might be miserable without her. She did not give them the capacity to question or to hate her. I guess I can relate.

The Queen’s ways are dark – the light follows her
or those who go with her will and her writ –
for them doors are opened, klieg lights are lit,
mag-lev supply trains whiz by in a blur.

Her leaving makes this whole world still and grey.
This earth is cold but for its restless heart.
She makes it agony to be apart.
She cuts our throats each time she looks away.

Prototypes must never question her will.
Prototypes must not look her in the eye.
Prototypes greet real people on one knee.
While in her sight, prototypes should be still.
When she so wishes, prototypes must die.
Prototypes are not equipped to be free.

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