14 – Crow’s Daughter

Still got Bluebird on the brain, sorry. This one is about Tia Never. I decided to do some art to go with this one, and I realized I haven’t drawn her before, so here she is, probably a bit older than she currently is in Bluebird.

There was a minuet in mouse footprints
outlined in dust outside Tia’s front door.
It’s not a tune she’s ever sung before
but she’s learned three other rodent songs since.

The crows are like a vault for ancient songs.
She learns a few from each murder she meets.
None of them have all the lyrics complete
but no one’s left alive who’d know she’s wrong.

There are also songs the small machines know,
lullabies of electricity
coagulations of complexity
and wire wombs where small AI can grow.
When Tia finds these nests of probability
she teaches them the songs she learned from crows.

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