16 – Flesh Prison

A little something for Sects. I actually doubt there’s anything like a freak show in that world; the freaks run the show now, but I imagine most gatherings very much resemble freak shows. The man with the suit of rust used to be the Man in the Iron Shirt, whom we’ll meet at some point. Don’t let him snap his fingers near your gas tank.

“Flesh Prison,” August 2019

They have an oracular octopus
who will predict the weather for a fee.
Of course, they say she’s never been to sea
so she’s no better at forecasts than us.

Used to be more things to spend money on
Used to be more people who would take it
Used to be some safer ways to make it –
not that I’m saying I’m sad that world’s gone.

The freak show’s where they keep the best of us
They only charge a kiss to let you in.
Be the first to see the man in the suit of rust
ignite the tank of gas they’ve trapped him in!
No one but bearded ladies you can trust
When we’re gone, who do they think will eat their sin?

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