18 – Gelatinous Love

My wife told me to write about our gelatinous cube, Enzo, so this is her fault.

This is Enzo.

Oh! What a joy it is to devour!
You meet a fine young humanoid at work –
You: Gelatinous cube
Him: Bandit jerk –
and think, “I could digest you for hours.

Inside’s where I keep all my favorite things.
There’s certainly some ancient artifacts,
a magic tome, the Happy Headsman’s Axe,
fourteen ring fingers, nineteen wedding rings…

In there you’ll have a different point of view.
You’ll finally get to meet my secret heart.
You’ll see that it’s your skin keeps us apart.
You’ll weep with joy as I’m dissolving you.
Never tasted such beauty in your art
as in this union: one, where once were two.

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