21 – Idolator

Oh right I’m supposed to post this after I write it. I finished this around five pm and then… got distracted. Very tired today. Here’s some transhumanist weirdness.

I’ll take whichever singularity
I welcome our new robot overlords.
I would be happy to carry their cords
and download all their generosity.

There’s already a port for that in here,
a couple different ways of getting out
Which code is incompatible with doubt?
We do this right, we won’t need hands to steer.

Which man am I, in or out of the box?
If they upload me, will my body die?
Am I the meat puppet, or the data ghost?
You needn’t drown us; please open these locks.
If you must select one essential “I,”
select the one you want to fuck the most.

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