32 – Stabilized Glitch

At my wife’s behest, another one about No Man’s Sky. It’s all we’ve been playing lately. We’ve found a lot of [REDACTED] planets that have been mostly creepy as hell, and a lot of Breached and Anomalous planets that have been mostly beautiful. The creatures on such planets are usually… geometrical, or architectural, rather than animal in structure. Floating spires, a general collection of excited stones, a huge crystalline orb sweating quietly in the moonlight. I’m enjoying making very abstract friends.

Vaulting ‘cross the hills in search of glitches,
surrounded on all sides by floating stones
Ahead, a motivated mountain roams,
flanks all seamed with ore like shiny stitches.

The mountain’s children play in its shadow
jasper-yellow crystals that resonate
bob in the air and agitate
the ions swimming free around my halo.

One rests its central spire ‘pon my back.
I feel a blunted point against my spine.
Then all around me, mountains start to cry,
electric tears to rise from minute cracks
and as I chase their sorrow to the sky
they weep a river that runs back in time.

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