37 – Hold Your Breath

Ever since I got to this planet, it seems like I’ve been looking for a way out. I turn every door handle I pass, just to see – I’ve gotten into some ridiculous places as a result. I’m still looking for the one I’ll turn that will lead me into another world.

This one has some Last Unicorn symbolism, I guess. I especially love that bit toward the end where they step through the clock into that misty null-space, to get to the lair of the Red Bull. We’ll run when the wine drinks itself, when the clock strikes the right time… but that clock’s broken.

Outside, the pre-dawn light is grey and green.
Sometimes the ocean mist can last all day.
That dreamlike feeling never goes away.
I’m never sure of anything I’ve seen.

The clock up in that tower’s never right;
it’s possible it doesn’t move at all,
except that every time I climb the wall
it’s telling me I’ve lost another night.

As time goes on I look for other ways.
The clockface lies, but I always try doors
I steal whole seasons from their trap of days
Never let them tell me there isn’t more
Keep on looking, no matter what they say –
I think I can still see the farthest shore.

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