47 – Mera the Blind

Some kind of internal geography or theology, this. Water is a major theme in my subconscious, as are very large human statues. I think it would be cool to have a bed shaped like a huge hand, and then throw a cushion in the cupped palm and sleep there, like a slightly-more-flat papasan chair. Perhaps a long-term woodworking project. If I can find a solid cube of wood about eight feet to a side. Hmm…

“The Temple at Morningside,” February 2006

There’s a sideways sea where once I saw you
for a while there, we dreamed together
till my turbulence ruined your weather –
looked into your eyes, started to fall through.

Somewhere past Point Nemo there’s an island
where sits a statue seven meters tall.
In her open eyes and mouth, a waterfall
fills up the ageless lady’s silence.

Even so, she’s still whispering to me.
In her hands I lie as her voice pours down
and I have just begun to understand,
begun to follow this stream to the sea,
begun to stir to waking in her hands
when I forget
I lose my grip
I drown.

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