62 – Update

This one’s in reference to Bluebird. It’s a portion of the story just a little bit in the future of what I’ve put up here, so it’s not too much of a tease. I tried a sort of structural thing in this sonnet – the first stanza is from Bel’s perspective, in the second we see him from Tia’s perspective, and then for the last sestet we reenter Bel’s head and find that he’s had an update. Suddenly, Bel isn’t Bel anymore.

My hands hit the earth.
I’m missing fingers.
Turn in the sun to take inventory –
organic child, witness my glory –
even in this prototype it lingers.

He straightens up, and Bel is very tall.
He raises his head and closes his eyes,
waits while the latest firmware is applied
– his eyes come down and don’t know her at all.

I wake up in a body not my own.
Or rather, wake up as a younger self,
both better and worse off in strength and health,
reintroduced to wounds I had outgrown,
and yet – I feel my shackles also melt,
lifted away by hands of flesh and bone.

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