80 – This Week At the Community Center…

Been doing a few new drawings for Sects this week. One of ’em is below; the rest are over on the main page. Today’s sonnet is just some goofy worldbuilding for that.

Witnessed while wandering the halls at the Tooth County Community Center, looking for a little fun:

“Yeah… strictly speaking, I have time powers…
Didn’t help me much when the world ended.
Didn’t save the family I’d defended –
when I sneeze, I jump back seven hours.”

“My name is Eve, and I’m an alcoholic – “
“Hi, Eve.” “- thanks, guys. At least, I used to be,
before the Fatal Guide accepted me…”
“The Yelp Demon?” “That’s NOT what we call it!”

Mondays: Alcoholics Anonymous
Tuesdays: Grief Counseling for Ex-Clergy
Wednesdays: Suicide Promotion Workshop
Thursdays: Poetry readings (posthumous)
Fridays: Booster Club for Odontology
Weekends: Services and headless bakeshop

Check out the rest of the 100 Sonnets

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