85 – Son of the Sun

If you haven’t read Clive Barker’s Galilee, this one is probably a waste of your time. Go read Galilee instead, it’s amazing. I find it beautiful and disorganized and complicated, like a person. It’s one of the most person-like books I’ve ever read, how’s that for a pitch?

“Papa Legba,” October 2008

What distinguishes morning from evening?
The beach runs along the path of the sun;
Rachel can’t tell when he usually comes,
whether the shadows are shrinking or growing.

In the quiet she becomes someone else.
She almost forgets the bars of her cage,
almost forgets that she’s one-tenth his age,
discovers an infant immortal self.

Galilee the sailor swims with the sharks.
Galilee, sometime King of Charleston.
Galilee the storyteller pinches,
Galilee the lover leaves her with marks.
Galilee the prodigal, uncertain
liberates her from herself by inches.

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