Precept: Creation is Instinctive

I spent all day getting tattooed, so I’m super wiped out, which means you’re getting something fairly weird today. I was trying to produce something visual and vaguely story-like entirely in unattributed dialogue. I find dialogue easier to write than straight narrative, because I grew up playing MUDs and roleplaying online. This means that in my head, no significant event actually occurs until someone’s told someone else about it. Verbalizing makes things real.

At any rate, this is not a terribly successful experiment, but I find it a little charming. It’s possibly related to Precept: Individuality is a Virus, so I’m letting them hang out together for a while to see if they make any story-babies.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a skull.”

“What’s a skull?”

“It’s like a shell that some things have inside their heads.”

“How do you get the head off?”

“This thing gave me his head, even though he will never get another one.  Isn’t that nice of him?”

“Can I have one?”

“A head?  No, my love.  What would you do with one?”

“Give it to you.”

“Oh…!  Perfect little beast.  You don’t have to give me anything.  You are my gift.”

“Can I have a pet with a skull?”

“I could get you one, yes.  You would have to take care of it.”

“I can take care of it!  I would feed it and pet it and give it wings – “

“Remember what we said about living things? You can’t give it any more parts, or take away any of the ones it already has, all right, beloved?  They don’t like it when you change their parts while they’re alive.”

“Did you make them?”

“I helped.  All of us helped a little.  And when you’re older, you can help too, if you want to.”

“I want to help.  Can I make a different thing than this?”

“What would you make, beastie?”

“One SO tall, tall, tall!  This big!”

“That’s big!  You know, if you make it that big, you have to make it strong too, otherwise it’ll fall apart.”

“Strong!  RRRAGH. Like this!”

“Is that the sound it’ll make?  That’s a scary sound.”

“I want to make a scary thing!  With big nasty pointy teeth!”

“What will your scary thing eat?”


“Don’t you think some people might be upset if you made something that ate everything they made?  Wouldn’t you be upset if I ate that star you made?”


“Maybe we can make a little universe for your thing to live in, where it can eat whatever it wants.”

“My own universe?  Can we? I want one!”

“Just a small one.  I think it’s all right if you have a little space to play and practice in.  I’m going to put a limit on it, though. What should we say, twenty billion years?  Is that fair? Then nothing can get too out of hand.”


“Okay.  So we’re going to use all the standard settings for now.  You can play with the parameters more when you’ve had some practice.  There. Can you pick that up and bring it with us? Good. All right, let’s go see how it begins.”

“Is that it?  It’s so small!”

“It’ll get bigger.  That’s just a singularity. But it’s all in there, everything you need to build with.  Are you ready?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

“Come on up here.  Oof! You’re getting heavy!  Okay, don’t kick, you have to sit still or I won’t be able to hold on.  Thank you. Whenever you’re ready you can push that button. Should we count down?”

“One… twooo…”

“That’s counting up.”

“Twoooo… one… GO!  Aah! Look!”

“Yep!  Look at that, look at how fast it’s growing!  I told you it would get bigger.”

“It’s so bright!”

“It’ll calm down.  There’s a lot going on in there right now.  No, don’t touch it! Oh… silly beastie, look, you made a hole.”

“I like it.  I’m gonna make more.”

“Haha!  More holes?  Why?”

“So they can see me!  When I make things then they can look through the holes and I can wave!”

“Okay, I guess that works.  Look, the holes are pulling everything in.  That might be a problem later, you know. Although I guess with only twenty billion years, they probably won’t get TOO much bigger.”

“Loooook, there are stars!  Look how pretty! I’mma put stars all around the holes.”

“Can I help a little?  Or do you want it to just be yours?”

“You can help.  Over here. This part is your part.”

“Okay.  I’m going to make you a few nebulae, so you don’t run out of stars to play with.”

“Booooooring.  Oh! The star ate all the little planets!”

“It looks like it’s too big.  You’ll have to put them far away, or that’ll keep happening.  Or you could make the star smaller.”

“How do I do that?”

“Here – take hold of it like this… good.  Now pinch! Good job! That’s a nice little star.”

“Now it won’t eat the planets?”

“Depends where you put them.  See, it’s already pulling that one in.  Can you put it further back? There, that’s fine.”

“Now can I make the scary thing?”

“Sure.  Where is it going to live?  On one of your stars?”

“Nooo, it’s too big!  I’m gonna put it here.”

“That is pretty big.  It’s sort of dragging the whole universe on this side, you see that?”

“That’s okay.  It’ll move.”

“Is it going to be alive?”

“Yes!  With a skull!”

“I don’t know if that’ll work – most things with a skull don’t like living just out in space like that.”

“This one does!  It eats stars!”

“Well… I’m glad I made so many nebulae, then.”

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