Bluebird edits and tweaks

Spent today doing an edit of Bluebird to make sure the timeline and plot points work properly across all the parts of it – I started that one a long time ago, and with no intention of continuing it, and now the world has gotten a lot more detailed! I also wanted to put the whole story on one page, so that it’s not necessary to click through multiple posts to read it, and it’s a little more clear when I’m switching from Bluebird’s first-person perspective to a third-person limited perspective centered on Tia Never. What I’m saying is, there were minor improvements and retcons throughout. Please pay no attention to the sapient behind the curtain.

Being as it’s just gotten more pleasant to read in a number of both narrative and mechanical ways, if you haven’t read Bluebird, now is a great time to catch up! I can promise quantum necromancy and LOTS of robot angst. SO much. Will make 100% of your robots cry whatever substance they prefer to leak.

I’m really looking forward to moving to another site platform where I have more layout options for this kind of thing. Probably happen in the next couple of months; it’s a layout of cash for the initial setup that I have to budget around, and currently I’m investing in having a man inject ink into my chest. Y’know, like you do.


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