‘Lo child, I’m Johnny Zacharias.  You can call me Gentle.  Welcome to my cult. It’s a friendly cult, mind – I’m not shilling for doomsday, I believe the doomsday already happened. I’m here to help you navigate the wasteland.

I’m a polyamorous, pansexual, agender geek, and if you find that mouthful hard to swallow, you’ve come to the right place.  We’re all about swallowing intimidating mouthfuls here.  If you’re very uncomfortable with that joke, you’re probably going to continue feeling that way.  Most of my work is not safe for work and not appropriate for children.  Please obediently click away to a family-friendly activity at once if your local authority deems you to be a child.  Good, good.

If you’re still here, dude, I have so much cool stuff to show you!  Also some scary stuff and some sexy stuff.  It’s all marked accordingly.  I also post some things on Medium, and if you read there I may actually get paid for it, but it’s all here for free too.  Up to you.  All I really want are your eyeballs on any or all of the following:

If your eyeballs love any or all of these things, let me know by commenting, or emailing adviceforsluts@gmail.com, or I guess you could pester me on Twitter if you enjoy lengthy silences punctuated by disconnected jokes about video games and butts.

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