in_the_interim_by_gentlezachariasWelcome to my garden.  It’s windy here, and the plants are all on fire, but I think they like it.  This is where I work, on the rare occasion that I do.  Please, sit down!  Have a drink, listen to a story.

In the real world, I live in Colorado.  There are gorgeous boys and girls and cats underfoot all the time.  In the moments when they all scamper off and leave me be, I write.  Most of my stories are not safe for work and not appropriate for children.  There are many “fucks” ahead, both linguistic and literal.  If that’s the kind of thing you’re into, we’re gonna get along just fine.

I also post some stuff on Medium, and if you read it there I may actually get paid for it, but it’s all here for free too.  Up to you.