Character sketches, essays, unfinished worldbuilding, rants, and the beginnings of stories.

Letters to You

Thoughts about writing, video games, emotions, this blog… all the non-fiction lives here.

Letters to Fractal in Motion

Intermittent collaborative letters between friends across the universe.  Responses can be found here.

Bluebird: something about androids and fashion and what it means to be human.  Content warning: animal cruelty.

Leper: Bluebird’s story continues.

Maple and Rook: A story set in the same universe as Captain’s Log, but several hundred years earlier, about a lovely couple and all the crimes they do.

Half-Awake: A bit of DIY scripture looking for a setting.

Precept: Individuality is a Virus: More scripture, only this one is actually written by God.