These are sketches, essays, unfinished worldbuilding, rants, and the beginnings of stories.  I pop back in and work on them occasionally.  If one of ’em strikes your fancy, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to develop it further!

Letters to You

Meta thoughts about writing, video games, emotions, this blog… non-fiction and as close to honest as I know how to be.

Letters to Fractal in Motion

Intermittent collaborative letters between friends across the universe.  Responses can be found here.

Bluebird: something about androids and fashion and what it means to be human.  Content warning: animal cruelty.

Leper: Bluebird’s story continues.

Maple and Rook: A story set in the same universe as Captain’s Log, but several hundred years earlier, about a lovely couple and all the crimes they do.

Half-Awake: A bit of DIY scripture looking for a setting.

Laguardia: Navigator Arkina Arrow from Captain’s Log gives us a glimpse of her childhood on Earth.

Precept: Individuality is a Virus: More scripture, only this one is actually written by God.