Too Dear

This update is five pages and it was fuuuuun; there will probably be more of this inverted look because I love how it came out. Feels appropriate to the world of Sects.

Little bit of backstory here, about the night the world ended. It wasn’t supposed to, but… they told us what we’d have to sacrifice to save it, and the price was too dear.

See the rest over on the page where we have Sects.

Terrible Child

Two new pages for Sects! I loooove this brush-pen more than most men I’ve known and I think I’m achieving a style that’s a little more usefully detailed for scenes – like this one – with a lot of movement or exposition. So finally we can jam some plot up in there. It feels like my style changes every time I draw? I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing; certainly I’m learning a lot every time, and I’m happier each time with the result, so let’s call it good.

All the rest of it (which is more colorful than this portion) is over hereaways.

80 – This Week At the Community Center…

Been doing a few new drawings for Sects this week. One of ’em is below; the rest are over on the main page. Today’s sonnet is just some goofy worldbuilding for that.

Witnessed while wandering the halls at the Tooth County Community Center, looking for a little fun:

“Yeah… strictly speaking, I have time powers…
Didn’t help me much when the world ended.
Didn’t save the family I’d defended –
when I sneeze, I jump back seven hours.”

“My name is Eve, and I’m an alcoholic – “
“Hi, Eve.” “- thanks, guys. At least, I used to be,
before the Fatal Guide accepted me…”
“The Yelp Demon?” “That’s NOT what we call it!”

Mondays: Alcoholics Anonymous
Tuesdays: Grief Counseling for Ex-Clergy
Wednesdays: Suicide Promotion Workshop
Thursdays: Poetry readings (posthumous)
Fridays: Booster Club for Odontology
Weekends: Services and headless bakeshop

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